New Service Plans and
Built-in SmartTechnologies!

Spring is off to an amazing start for HughesNet members.
At the beginning of the year, Hughes® launched a whole array
of new, improved service plans available in select areas.
Each new plan comes with larger-than-ever monthly Data Allowance—
including an amazing 50 GB/mo of Bonus Bytes.

But we didn’t stop there. Because our engineers are always thinking of new ways to improve satellite Internet, we’ve also introduced a new generation of performance-enhancing innovations, the first three of which are available on all HughesNet Gen4 plans nationwide. With built-in SmartTechnologies, HughesNet is now better than ever!

Our exclusive SmartFetch™ technology makes Web pages load faster. SmartFetch intelligently pre-fetches all the bits and pieces of a Web page and delivers them to you with fewer hops back and forth to the satellite—giving you a better browsing experience.
SmartCompression™ uses special technology to actually shrink the size of the data passing over your satellite connection by up to 30%. That means you actually use less data, so you can do more with your monthly Data Allowance.
Managing your Data Allowance is more convenient than ever before with Hughes SmartResources™ The Status Meter lets you monitor your data usage at a glance, and with Tokens you can instantly add more data to your plan if you ever need it. Available on all plans!
Available on certain plans and in select areas, SmartBrowsing™ allows you to continue emailing and browsing at high speeds, even if you exceed your monthly Data Allowance.*


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