Life. Connected.

Through letters, phone calls and emails, HughesNet
members share remarkable stories. They reveal what’s
important to them and how they’re using satellite Internet to
enhance their lives and connect with their communities.
Here is one of our favorites.

Becky K. worked for 35 years as a surgical technologist
and lived in Grand Rapids, MI. When she decided to relocate
70 miles away from the bustle of the city, she settled near
Reed City (population: 2,400).

“It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here,” says Becky. “Nothing
like the city. I’m near my daughter, my son-in-law, and my two
grandsons and I get to do some volunteer work. I live out in the
woods among the trees.”

Becky turned to HughesNet Gen4 to keep her connected. She uses satellite Internet to do her online banking, emailing, bill payments, Facebook, general Internet surfing, watching online video, and downloading files.

“I really wanted to be able to watch shows on my computer and I can do that with HughesNet Gen4,” says Becky.

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